BoxLMS Overview

BoxLMS is the feature rich, user-friendly Learning management system, designed to manage any type of training and certification programs. BoxLMS makes it easy for trainers to build courses, assign them to students and efficiently track the results. The cloud-based Learning Management System has the ability to address the challenges of managing complex training programs.

We know that not all trainers are IT experts, and not all of them have time to learn how to install or configure a software application on a server or manage the complexities of upgrades and maintenance. That’s why we build a fully featured web-based learning management system. Everything is handled from BoxLMS server, so you don’t have to worry about installations and upgrades, BoxLMS will take care of it.


Calendaring is useful when you need to keep your students on the same schedule. When you are working with online learning process, you need a way to inform your students of training schedules, exams dates and more. With BoxLMS calendaring feature, you can keep students of a class on the same page as the saying goes. The software is capable of centralizing and broadcasting the training schedules to all users.

Detailed Reports and Powerful Analytics

Reporting is one of the most important part when working with online learning. With BoxLMS, you can track the complete learning cycle with extensive reporting feature. You can create detailed reports and access analytics anytime. BoxLMS enhance the learning process through advanced features such as providing intelligent reports, which helps to efficiently track learners & improve their progress.

Community Engagement

Interaction between students such as emailing and discussion forums are helpful for student in their learning. Taking steps with today’s trends is crucial for running a successful e-learning platform. For effective student engagement, BoxLMS has a user-oriented forum section, where student of any specific courseware can ask question and share their opinion to others queries.

Enterprise Strength Data Security

Security standards are an important part when choosing an application. Using BoxLMS means, you will never have to worry about data security measures. You will benefit from our enterprise strength data security system. Our cloud Learning Management System undergoes regular security upgrades and is protected by multiple firewalls.

Scalable to Any Size of Institute

With BoxLMS, you can manage learning courseware of a huge community of students in a university, easily train employees in an enterprise and deliver ongoing support to anyone registered with you LMS system. Our flexible learning management system gives you all the features for creating, managing and delivering online courses and training processes. Whether you need to manage courseware for 100 trainees or 1000, the powerful BoxLMS can fit your institute needs and functionalities.